Making some changes today. Meeting up with Dick has been more difficult than anticipated. Apparently he has had projects of his own he has been currently working on and the root beer sampling is “not of high priority.” Back to the drawing board for me I guess.



As you may have noticed, my Root Beer Throwdown series has slowed to nearly a halt. I can’t say anyone is to blame for this but myself, however, I had been attempting to a hold of Dick to get over here and do a sampling/review. Low and behold, I get an email this morning and a voicemail not too long ago: “Uh, hey, sorry I see you were trying to get a hold of me… I’ve been on sabbatical… Call me back…” So, go ahead and blame Dick. He said he’d be able to meet up “maybe tonight” or “tomorrow night for sure.” I’ll hold him to his word.