A Look at Moxie


So, as I was getting all into root beer and whatnot, fellow SydLexia / Retrodrome / YouTuber UsaSatsui started talking about a beverage not available out here in MN (Moxie is strictly a New England thing, and apparently is the state soft drink of Maine.) “Satan’s Diarrhea” he called it, and even offered to send me some to sample. Being unsure of actually wanting to try “Satan’s Diarrhea,” I’ve decided to take a deeper look into the soft drink known as Moxie.

Moxie’s origins are in its use way back in the day as a patent medicine. It was purported to relieve “paralysis, softening of the brain, nervousness, and insomnia. (Wikipedia)”  Later on, its creator added soda water to create a fizzy, unique, possibly medicinal, beverage. Apparently, it must have tasted good as it earned the endorsements of President Calvin Coolidge and Red Sox slugger Ted Williams. Even more surprising, according to the website, Moxie outsold Coca-Cola during the Roaring Twenties. Did I mention it is also the state soft drink of Maine? Surprising, especially for a beverage equated to Satan’s Diarrhea.

Okay, so now I have an idea of what it might taste like. Apparently, Moxie contains “Gentian Root Extractives,” which lend to its unique flavor. Hmmm, so an herbal/bitters flavor maybe? Satan’s Diarrhea? But former President Coolidge and Ted Williams drank it… So either they enjoyed eating shit, or had severely damaged taste buds, or maybe both. Either way, it can’t be that bad, can it?

Enough of this, its time to read some reviews. The Soda Jerks’ review of Moxie made it sound like a kick-ass root beer, until the aftertaste hit: “What was once good, would now be replaced with evil.  The taste of pennies, dirt, and un-sweetened envelope glue now dance upon your tongue.” Quaffmaster over at Weird Soda Reviews notes flavors of “mint,” “tooth-polishing compound,” “bitter herbs,” and also points out a “strong chalky component.” Reviews over at Amazon (wtf they sell this on Amazon?) note its bitterness and strictly suggest that it is an “acquired taste.” One review said of Moxie “I imagine it’s what tar tastes like.”

All this information is boggling my mind! From all I’ve collected, Moxie generally can be said to taste like shit. Now, only one question remains: Do I have the balls to sample this ‘unique’ beverage nicknamed “Satan’s Diarrhea?” I’m not giving a solid answer on that one. Maybe, but I’ll have to build up a tolerance for shitty-tasting beverages first.


Docinsano’s Den is now Docinsano’s Laboratory

Just making a few changes while learning the finer features of WordPress. I’ve started brewing kombucha again, and as a result I decided to change the name of my blog to correspond with my new project. I’m meaning for this to be a kind of Creative Lab as well as an Experimental one. So, I’ll try to cook up some good stuff. Probably mostly dealing with Kombucha brewing and related information but maybe I’ll throw in some random scribbles or whatnot here and there. That’s about it, check out my Writer’s Block too while you’re at it.

Doritos Pizza Supreme- a quick review

So I went into Subway to grab a sandwich and my eyes landed on something other than my usual harvest cheddar Sun Chips– Doritos Pizza Supreme. Judging by the name of the chips- Pizza Supreme- I was expecting all the toppings: Sausage, onions, peppers, mushrooms- the works- A supreme pizza- but no, the chip looked like a cross between Nacho Cheese and Cool Ranch with its orangey color and red and green flecks of “spices.” I tossed one of the corn triangles in my mouth expecting hints of Parmesan or Mozzarella cheeses, but no such luck, not even a hint of tomato or basil hit my tongue. So where’s the Italian seasoning? Where’s the cheese? And by god where’s the tomato sauce? Is there even a pizza there? I might have caught an after-taste of anise– but that was a long shot and might have just been a chunk of spinach in my teeth from the subway sandwich. Overall the new Doritos were quite the disappointment– too bad, since I had faith that this chip would be more than just a glorified Nacho Cheese.

docinsano’s rating 4/10