Too hot, too tired, too broke.

Ninety degrees in the Mini-Apple today. It’s too damn hot. Sure would could hit up a concert at the zoo, but shit, I’m broke. Going to the beach sounds like a more relaxing idea. Gotta take it slow ’cause I’m too hot, too tired, and too broke.

So that got me to thinking, actually…. Nah it’s a stupid idea.

Anyways, nothing much new at the Doc’s den today. I did start up a more writing oriented blog over at

Other than that I’m working on ideas and could really use a nice fancy camera, but this Sony one will do…. Once I find the battery charger for it.

There’s that idea again….. Nah…

Maybe I’ll shoot some video.

Maybe not.

Maybe I’ll make a costume… But I’d need some concept art first…. which gives me an idea…..

Nah, its a stupid idea…

Maybe not….

I’ll think about it. But until next time…. Something. Later.


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