Doritos Pizza Supreme- a quick review

So I went into Subway to grab a sandwich and my eyes landed on something other than my usual harvest cheddar Sun Chips– Doritos Pizza Supreme. Judging by the name of the chips- Pizza Supreme- I was expecting all the toppings: Sausage, onions, peppers, mushrooms- the works- A supreme pizza- but no, the chip looked like a cross between Nacho Cheese and Cool Ranch with its orangey color and red and green flecks of “spices.” I tossed one of the corn triangles in my mouth expecting hints of Parmesan or Mozzarella cheeses, but no such luck, not even a hint of tomato or basil hit my tongue. So where’s the Italian seasoning? Where’s the cheese? And by god where’s the tomato sauce? Is there even a pizza there? I might have caught an after-taste of anise– but that was a long shot and might have just been a chunk of spinach in my teeth from the subway sandwich. Overall the new Doritos were quite the disappointment– too bad, since I had faith that this chip would be more than just a glorified Nacho Cheese.

docinsano’s rating 4/10


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