Bored? Play some games! No electricity needed!

As my first post I thought I’d humor myself by talking up some card games that are nothing short of awesome: Mille Bornes and Grass.

My first experience with Mille Bornes was way, way back in the nineties– when shareware was all the rage– it was called 1000 Miles– played on an old Macintosh Plus– B&W screen, 8 MHz, 1 MB memory– it was a beast! A beast that provided hours of fun and frustration playing 1000 Miles– ol’ Mac wasn’t very forgiving when it came to playing games against it.

Anyways, while in college, a buddy of mine had a game called Mille Bornes– the same game as 1000 Miles but in real life card form! Naturally I caught on quickly and realized it was a hell of a lot more fun than playing against the Mac Plus. Plus you could yell at your buddies and not look like a geek screaming at a screen.

The object of the game? To rack up miles and be the first to reach 700 miles while avoiding hazards such as collisions and flat tires from opponents. Reached 700 miles? Then choose to extend the game to 1000 and rub it in your friend’s faces when you blow their doors off.

Now Grass has the same premise of Mille Bornes except for the fact that it’s theme is dealing pot instead of car racing. Basically you’re a dealer peddling pot– the first player to reach $250K and close the market wins! The game can be as fast and furious as you want it to be and as with Mille Bornes there are several hazards to slow you down– Busts, Detained, Sold Out, Utterly Wiped Out– pretty much the same game with a new theme and extended features. It’s a great game to test your attention span while chilling out at home or at a festival.

Next time you’re bored, skip the video games, save some electricity, and pick up one or both. You won’t be disappointed.

So that’s my quick and dirty rundown of two of my favorite card games: Mille Bornes and Grass.

Find them here: Mille Bornes & Grass


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